Welcome to I-C Photography!  We are a husband and wife team that have passion for the world of photography.  My name is Ikaika, the photographer, and my wife, Corrina, is the editor, making sure each image is at it's best when you receive the final product.  It all started after purchasing our first DSLR camera and loved it so much we decided we would make a business out of our passion and make sure we are able to provide the best quality of images to our clients.  We specialize in pets, sports as well as portraiture. As avid animal lovers we feel it is our responsibility to help tell the story of the pets and animals that come through our services so that their true personalities can be captured and cherished for years to come.  We got into specializing in pets due to the realization of a recent passing of a family pet that when she had passed very little was left to remember her by.  Thus making it our priority that we treat pet photography just as important as family portraits, and children's portraits.  To show the stages of baby to adulthood and even into senior ages so that when the time comes to cross that rainbow bridge, the love and admiration that they had for you in their lives can live on and leave a smile rather than a hole in your heart.