About Us

Hi! We are Ikaika and Corrina of I-C Photography (I-Ikaika, C-Corrina). Both my wife and I come with a big background of caring for and having different pets in our lives since our childhood.  We feel that they are a part of the family, and treat them as such.  Our animals are a part of our live as much as we are of theirs, we spoil them in our own way (my wife loves to give in to the puppy dog eyes during dinner time, while I love to play and roughhouse with them nonstop.)  Before we met however, we both had a cat that would forever change our lives, it was from my cat that heartache and a purpose for pet photography arose.

My cat, Fred, was a great cat, the leader of the house for the cats, and protector of humans and cats alike.  He would sleep on my back, or under the blanket with me on cold nights, and always knew when I was home.  Unfortunately he passed from an illness attributed from contracting FIV from one such altercation with a neighborhood cat.  As he passed I realized I had nothing to remember him by, nor something to show just how special he was; which is where the realization that being able to provide that for pet owners would mean the world, to create images that showcase our beloved animals at their best before we see them at their worst.  Thus, I-C Photography was born out of this, and the desire to aid all both the owners in providing images that present the personality of their beloved animals off to the world and to also do what we can for those that are in shelters needing a forever home. 

So, if you have a special animal companion that means the world to you and you would like some beautiful portraits that will bring out the character of your pet, we are able to help.  We have over 20 years of experience with working with animals, and whether they do not sit for very long or are unable to be around other animals, we are able to accommodate your needs for your pet, even if that means your pet needs to stay on a leash, safety and comfort for your pet is our #1 priority in our shoots.