Welcome to I-C Photography!  We are a husband and wife team that have passion for the world of photography.  My name is Ikaika, the photographer, and my wife, Corrina, is the editor, making sure each image is at it's best when you receive the final product. We tend to focus on the two things that often get overlooked, pets and sports. 

Why Pets? It is due to a place of turmoil that made us realize the importance of having portraits professionally done.  I had a wonderful cat that was the protector of my house that had contracted FIV from his many dealings with outdoor cats.  He eventually succumbed to it and all I have left is a paw print of him that was gifted to me by the pet hospital that laid him to rest.  After that It took years for me to even be ok around animals in that fashion but swore that while they're a part of a family's life I would take the utmost care to ensure that they will have the best images possible to cherish that will last for generations to come.

We also focus on sports and martial arts, as they are often overlooked.  Although, with the modern age of technology and abilities of smart phones, there is still a great need for quality photography within the sports and martial arts venues.  As a practitioner and athlete, there are milestones that we look back on and enjoy often times without anything to remember those moments.  Whereas team sports do tend to get photo opportunities, they are often only for high schools, and only if the school has offered the athletes an option.  I believe it's important to ensure that the families get to witness their athletes in those special moments and see the joy that they had when they participated.