Chasing the Light Part 2

So the weather hasn't been the best this past week.  It's been raining off and on, and making it rather difficult to go out and explore the island.  But nevertheless I was still able to find some interesting patterns thanks to seeing how the light just bounced off of certain objects. 

I especially liked how the light bounced off the water bubbles creating interesting patterns in my koi pond. It's always interesting how something so subtle can create an interesting concept and a little detail can create the most interesting of images.


Chasing the Light

As a current side project thanks to some creative individuals I am challenging myself to find something to shoot that captivates the light in a specific manner, in order to find an interesting atmosphere that makes someone stop and think about an image.

As such, I will be doing this challenge from now through new years with a new posting of my findings every Friday - so that means two posts this week.

Things I am looking for when chasing the light - is the light has to be natural - which is always a challenge to make a captivating image with what is provided to you, something that also makes someone think about the subject matter while at the same time being just a normal image.   But for now, here are a few things that I found today.

Why Pets?

I've been asked by a few people why I decided to specialize in Pet Photography, so I decided I'd explain the entire story here.  When we think of our pets a lot of us think of them as though they are part of the family, but often when it comes time for family pictures, they are either excluded, or not even a thought for that situation.  Yet, the animal(s) we have allowed into our hearts and home have attached themselves to us and would make our lives a little more empty if anything should happen to them.

I know this first hand because I was born within a house that has had cats since before I was born, and when the cats that we did own met me as a baby, they also became my personal protectors, at one point not even allowing my mom near me.  They were my first protectors.  Since the days of an infant I have had different animals in my life, all of which I have had to either give up or say goodbye to as they passed from this world to the next. 

But for a lot of us, what we don't have in those cases are the memorials that we have of our children or parents.  When an animal dies, we think of the joy, but we don't ever realize until after the fact that they are no longer with us that we don't have quality pictures of them, because we figured a cell phone picture or a barely noticeable photo of them is worthwhile.  For some that is enough, but for others it isn't even close.  But it is for those people and to also remember those that I have lost along the way that in some way their memory will always be there and they are the memorial.  So to answer why I specialize in pets rather than the typical weddings, and other types it is because of that.

A little less burnt

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go back to the O'ahu Intertribal Powwow and took photos, which I am in the process of editing at this moment.  This is the second year that I have attended the powwow, and I have to say it is the only other place that makes me feel like I'm back in my early adulthood years when I was in hula and assisting either by cooking rice or doing whatever I could to make sure the behind the scenes was taken care of.

Now, however, I am able to take this opportunity to use my photography skills to take photos for the O'ahu Intertribal Council.  This is purely out of enjoyment, and I will be going every year from here on out to reconnect to something that I used to attend in one way, I now get to experience in another.

On Saturday, I wound up forgetting though, that I was in the sun the ENTIRE day, so I was a bit more than a little toasty and have now started the agonizing peeling process that seems like it never ends.

As of right now I just finished editing the images for the Kahuku dancers that attended the powwow on Saturday, which I am also in the process of posting to the Powwow album under creative work page. 

Enjoy, and if anyone is thinking of going next year you should! It is a great place to meet people and experience different cultures and best of all Indian Tacos!!!



This week, we've received requests for the remaining two kittens that were found, both of the black ones are now pending adoption!  As for the other two, they are doing well with their new families and it is a great relief to see these little ones find a loving home.

The first of the little one meeting her new mom.

The first of the little one meeting her new mom.


A few weeks ago, I was told about some kittens that seemed to had been abandoned/orphaned out by a dumpster by my office.  I checked on them before I started my day, and they were very thin, and looked like they were no more than 3 weeks old based on their size.  I figured that the mother was off hunting and that she would return to tend to her babies.  Fast forward to a the end of my day, the kittens hadn't moved, and the mother was no where to be found.  At this point I decided that they needed to be taken care of and brought home so they can get healthy.

They were severely underweight and malnourished with their spine being felt through every attempt at petting them.  They were feisty which was a good sign, and still had a lot of life in them.  I came back that night and rounded up the kittens- 4 in total, and took them home so that they could get some food and hopefully survive.  At the very least I'd be able to get them away from the dumpster - which as luck would have it came the very next day, and had they stayed would have died.

They ate heartily and kept their energy up, and continually regained the weight they had lost while being left to fend for themselves.  As it stands right now, two have successfully been adopted out, and the other two were just fixed and are now recovering while still trying to play around like nothing ever happened.

I will post pictures later today when I return to my computer to show the remaining kittens and how they are on the road to recovery and show off their playful nature.